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Arnell Ando

Arnell Ando is a Jungian-based Expressive Arts Therapist and Certified Tarot Grand Master. She has created three wonderfully expressive and beautiful Tarot decks thus far, including Transformation Tarot which was published in 1995. Arnell has contributed to more than five other collaborative artist’s decks. She has combined her studies in the spiritual and psychological fields and her passion for mythology to create her unique interpretation of the Tarot. She lives in Southern Cal. with her artistically inclined husband Michael and two sons Taro and Teppei.

Arnell conducts art and tarot workshops in San Diego and at various symposiums. You can view and purchase her decks at: Transformational Tarot.

Keely Barham

Kelly is a very versatile artist, working in many multimedia projects. Her restless creativity never allows her to stay in one place for very long, making for an extremely fluid artistic style extending to many mediums. She has participated in the Griffin and Sabine art swap and the Capolan art swap, as well as participating regularly in a faux post exchange. She has been published extensively in Rubberstampmadness and The Studio. She has owned and operated her own handmade jewelry business. Currently she is involved in a doll making round robin and has begun a painting business creating unique interior designs with murals, faux finishes, trompe l'oeil etc.

Keely has been married for 17 years and resides in Anaheim Hills, California with her husband and two daughters, ages 15 and 10.

Julie Hagan Bloch

Julie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati where she spent many hours painting until the wee hours of the morning. She eventually migrated into stamp carving where her talent has become absolutely legendary.

Julie has written and illustrated the book Carving Stamps. She has illustrated several beautiful Haiku books by her husband, artist David Samuel Bloch: The Essence of This, No Such Thing as Strangers, Haunting Us With His Love, A Knock at the Gate and is currently working on a larger book, Moving Stillness that is being published by Aha! Books soon. Her work has appeared on several Rubberstampmadness, Stampagraphic and Stretch Marks covers. She has also had both art and articles about her published within many other publications, such as Nomo the Zine, Drift, Girl-illa, Vamp Stamp News and Somerset Studio. Julie occasionally teaches stamp carving.

Julie is active with the printmaking group RAPS, a mail art swap involving stamp carving and print designs, most recently written about in the Rubberstampmadness July/August ‘99 issue.

Julie has studied Spanish, Chinese and is currently studying Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Julie lives with her loving husband David, her sweet retired crossword playing mother and two spoiled dogs in Hurleyville, New York on three acres.

Tracy Cutts

Tracy has been dabbling in art for years, doing everything from designing store window displays, teaching art and doing wardrobe and props on movies and commercials, to selling jewelry, eclectic greeting cards and other hand made items at craft bazaars and art fairs. She’s been both the teacher and the student in mediums as diverse as book and paper making, nature crafts, painting, children’s book illustration, pottery, printing and creative journaling. Her work can often be seen in The Studio and Somerset Studio magazines and she’s having her first show at a gallery in July, 99.

Tracy is the proud single mother of two also creatively inclined people, Milo, age 6 and Sidra, age 12. She makes her living as a script supervisor in films and television while she figures out what else she wants to be when she “grows up” besides happy, which she is.


Debba is a multi-media artist who has been experimenting and experiencing art of various kinds (embroidery, crochet, sewing, knitting, beading, macrame, origami, drawing, collage, rubber stamping, bookbinding, calligraphy, papermaking, and more recently computer generated art) virtually all of her life. She has been brought into contact with legions of other artists through the miracle of mail art through Rubberstampmadness (RSM) mail art swaps.

Debba began rubber stamping in 1995. She had her first card published in RSM six months after picking up her first rubber stamp. Two months later she launched the popular swap she created, called Nude Deal Post Card Exchange. Her second card was published in RSM’s centerfold the next year. In the November/December ‘97 issue, RSM published an article on Debba and the Nude Deal Post Card Exchange which she organized and ran for five years (possibly setting a record for the longest running mail art exchange!)

By day Debba is a production and distribution forecaster for a Fortune 500 manufacturer. By night she makes jewelery and art. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. She lives under a pile of metaphysical texts, science fiction books and craft supplies in a cozy condo in Southern California.

Becky Ericsen

Becky Ericsen owns and operates her own rubber stamp store, SmudgePrints. She also teaches reading and english, as well as paper arts classes. Becky’s artistic specialities are in the book arts, paper making and stamp art creations. Because of her expertise in these areas she was selected to demonstrate rubber stamping on the “Artrain” a traveling art museum sponsored by Chrysler that carries art from the Smithsonian to small towns across the country.

Becky Ericsen has been published in Rubberstampmadness and Tabellae Ansata, the latter of which she wrote for as well.

Becky lives with her loving husband in Sidney, Ohio.

Ricë Freeman-Zachery

Ricë Freeman-Zachery came to art through writing. After receiving her B.A. and M.A. in language and literature, composition and creative writing, she began crafting articles for Rubberstampmadness, a magazine that put her in touch with a multitude of talented artists and ignited the spark that had been nearly extinguished by Miss Stearns, her third-grade art teacher. Since then, she’s taken to art with a vengeance for all those stolen years, thinking of Miss Stearns with every piece she sells. In addition to writing for Rubberstampmadness, Ricë writes for other publications, including Publications International, for whom she’s contributed projects for several books and The Studio.

Her handmade relicarios have sold on Canyon Road in Santa Fe and her books, dolls, jewelry and other artworks are available by special order and at Gallery 1114 in her hometown of Midland, Texas.

Alexandra Genetti

Alexandra Genetti is first and foremost a symbolist. She is the author and illustrator of the unique and acclaimed Tarot set, the Wheel of Change Tarot which can be seen at her website, Color Wheel Creations. She came to the Tarot through a love of patterns, symbol systems, mythology and folklore. The Tarot was the perfect intersection of all these lines of inquiry and served as a path of illumination and integration in creating a modern symbol system.

Alexandra lives off the grid in a solar and hydro-electric powered house on 120 acres of beautiful northern California woodland with her husband and three children. She is currently at work on a few long-term projects and is teaching workshops in nature about nature. She teaches celestial mechanics, astronomy and it’s relation to astrology, the crafts and arts, as well as the Tarot. Every time that Wheel turns ’round, Bound to cover a little more ground.

Connie Houser

Connie feels her life is both saved and sustained by art, in a variety of mixed media artistic self-expression, however official recognition for her tremendous talent first came through her encounters with rubber stamping, begun over ten years ago. Connie was invited personally by Gary Dorothy of Stampa Barbara to create displays in his store. An article in Rubberstampmadness (RSM) on Connie and her art was next, followed by art contributions to RSM centerfold art in nearly every issue in the following year. In 1995 Connie did an RSM cover for the November/December issue. Connie’s art is visible in many current issues of RSM and another article on her will be forthcoming in the September/October ‘99 issue of RSM.

Connie is one of the very few native Californians who have elected to remain in Southern California and is actually a third generation Californian (which is even more rare). She is an avid reader of poetry, mysteries, techno punk science fiction and is a long-time member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Connie keeps several journals and maintains colorful correspondence with a wide assortment of people through the wonderful world of mail art and art exchanges. She has red hair and a cat named Hercules.

Mark Jetton

An extremely talented artist, Mark has been remarkably prolific in many publications for over ten years. He was the cover artist for Rubberstampmadness, September/October ‘93 and featured in innumerable articles and centerfolds in RSM and various other magazines such as The Studio, Stretch Marks, Houston City Magazine, Arts and Crafts Magazines etc. on a regular basis.

Mark is single, a native of Houston, Texas, confesses he eats too much ice cream, is a control freak, never misses Letterman, hasn’t been to a doctor in 18 years, is a movie junkie and considers himself to be compulsively creative.

Jill Jones

Jill is a mixed media/collage/assemblage artist, a painter and mail artist residing in Southern California in the L.A. area. She studied fine art and arts education at the University of Wisconsin but pursued a career in social services after moving to Florida. It was in Florida that Jill was introduced to mail art as an antidote to the dullness of the working world. A friend handed her a Rubberstampede rubber stamp mail order catalog back in the mid ‘70s and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jill has been active in mail art off and on for almost 25 years and has been most active within the past five years. What served as a part time stress reliever also served to keep her connected to visual arts during the years of working in non-art related jobs. In 1996 after moving to Southern California with her husband and two cats, she decided to become more involved in her real passion and interest in life — art. Since 1998 she has been exhibiting art work in local galleries and art centers like the Brea Art Center in Brea, CA and the MECA in Santa Ana, CA, as well as expanding her mail art activities. Mail art participation has included the Griffin and Sabine exchange, Capolan, Funky and Loteria as well as her own wonderful mail art exchange BrainWaves, begun in 1997 and continuing currently. The group exchanges art work on a quarterly basis and shares information about art resources and the creative process.

Jill has contributed some fascinating artwork and articles to various publications, such as The Studio, Rubberstampmadness, Stretch Marks, 1843 Rubberart, Rubberreality and Yowza!! She has recently participated in a collaborative project of art doll rubber stamps organized by Lynne Perrella of Acey Deucy Rubber Stamps. This sheet of dies is advertised in The Studio.

Jill is happiest when she is working in her studio, covered with paint, flanked by rubber stamps and accompanied for hours by her favorite muses, Maxine and L.A. the wonder cats.

Dennis Jordan

This extremely talented and prolific artist has always had a passion for art. His parents encouraged his artistic nature growing up, promoting his “wild side” and allowing him to color outside the lines.

Dennis graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a B.A. in Art Education. He has participated in many art shows and exhibits and has an accumulation of awards for his work if listed here would take up all the room on this web page! Dennis works in the medium of printmaking in combination with collage, which he displays and sells on his website: Dennis P. Jordan, Printmaker. His work has been featured in many publications, including Rubberstampmadness and The Studio.

Dennis lives in Gig Harbor, Washington where he also currently teaches art.

Sandra McCall

Sandra McCall comes to this artist’s deck by wan of an extensive art background that has driven her into the arena of art stamping and collage. A freelance artist living in Southern California with her husband, Les Gains and their cat, Buddy, Sandra enjoys finding new ways to marry basic art supplies and stamp related products. Her primary interests include bookbinding, surface embellishment on both paper and fabric, collage and multi-medium assemblage.

Sandy has written several successful how-to articles for Somerset Studios, National Stampagraphic and The Rubber Stamper. Rubberstampmadness profiled her and her work techniques in the October 1998 issue. Sandra currently is in the midst of writing a book on paper arts that will be published by North Light Books and should be available in the fall of 2000.

Sandy teaches paper arts classes in stores and at conventions across the country. Her classes are a relaxed atmosphere where students can benefit from the sharing of information and skills. She says that she is happy if she is successful in teaching her students to have no fear and to try everything art-wise.

Amy McClure

Amy is a professionally trained artist, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Columbus Collage of Art and Design. She has worked in many media, watercolor, pencil drawings, photography etc. however, she began experimenting in rubber stamps a few years ago. She started simply as many of us have, by picking up some stamps to decorate some Christmas card envelopes. She became hooked on stamps, eventually seeing the potential to work stamped images in with various different media. She began participating in stamp art exchanges and in many art deck collaborative projects. She has had artwork featured in Rubberstampmadness and National Stampagraphic Magazine. Previously she has also had her photography featured in the Columbus College of Art and Design’s Image Magazine.

Amy currently is working primarily in collage and rather than using her stamp images on their own, she uses them as layered elements in collages. A recurring image in her art is the female form, she excels in creating many lovely and exotic images of women.

Amy was born and raised in Ohio and currently resides with her husband Dennis and her black lab, Circe in Iowa City.

Michele Monet

Michele Monet is a commercial photographer who began rubberstamping and collaging in 1996. In the beginning she incorporated her photographs into collages and eventually she used them as a basis for rubber stamp images. She creates stamp designs for Stamper’s Anonymous. Her wonderful artwork has been featured extensively in Somerset Studios.

Michele lives in Ohio.

Catherine Moore

Catherine Moore’s development as a mixed media artist began at an early age, but had been placed on hold momentarily until the early 90s when she rediscovered that inner passion in the avant garde mail art movement. Through this expressive genre she began to see herself and art in a whole new way and began to nurture the artist within. She is currently studying at the Atlanta College of Art where she has had the opportunity to grow as an artist under the tutelage of Ben Smith and Michael Venezia, two of Atlanta’s most celebrated and respected artists.

Catherine’s collage paintings, artist books and artistamps have been published in Somerset Studio and The Studio magazines and have been widely exhibited in North America and Europe, as well as numerous private collections. Most recently her work was included in a book arts exhibit in the Renegade Library in Manitoba, Canada. You may see more of her mixed media paintings in the Alternative Arts Gallery, a virtual gallery at Catherine Moore’s Home Page.

Teesha Moore

Teesha’s list of artistic accomplishments are many. She is an extremely productive and prolific artist who has the talent and flexibility to enter many artistic realms and succeed. She has designed her own stationary line and started three different rubber stamp companies. She has created graphic designs for many repeat clients. Teesha has organized three Alternative Arts Conventions that relate to rubber stamps, book arts and the paper arts. These conventions were so successful that Teesha’s style and ideas have been adopted and emulated by many other convention organizers. She has sold her art at many shows across the country and at several galleries. She is currently the publisher and editor (artistic genius) of a truly original art magazine called The Studio, co-owner of a rubber stamp company, teacher at weekend retreats that she puts on, co-organizer for conventions and gallery owner.

Teesha lives with her husband Tracy and her two daughters in Issaquah.

Tracy Moore

Tracy started drawing when he was given a journal as a gift. Through journaling he became a “real” artist and started making money turning his drawings into rubber stamps. With his love of comic books, science fiction and ancient mysteries, his drawings have a unique perspective. He owns a rubber stamp company called Zettiology. His imagination is unending and he loves to experiment with all the images and ideas that fill the pages of his journals.

Tracy also uses his imagination in the form of words. He has sold over 25 short stories to several different magazines. He also operates a fire protection contracting business which he has owned for twelve years. He lives in Issaquah with his wife, two daughters and beloved dog, Spenser.


Self-taught, obsessive art junkie, discovered rubber stamps in 1993 but thought they were only for decorating the odd paper items. Her first stamp was a quizzical bunny rabbit that she used to decorate post-its used in her technical writing job. After discovering the world of art rubber stamps at a rubber stamp convention her life changed dramatically as did her taste in stamps.

She took the pseudonym NoMonet because of the word play that it invokes in a few ways. Rubber stamp art is not given any respect in the fine art world... ask me if I care! Hence “I ain’t NoMonet.” Also no money... the rubber stamp hobby is exceedingly expensive. Sorry, Monet is not her favorite artist, there is NoMonet art in her house.

NoMonet (a.k.a. Steph King — PLEASE — no relation to Stephen King) went on to have her art featured in the occasional Rubberstampmadness centerfold, did a cover for the September/October ‘96 issue and has also had her art published in The Studio, Stretch Marks, Rubber Stamper and 1843 Rubberart. Participation in mail art swaps have included the Griffin and Sabine swap, the Goddess swap, the Capolan swap, Funky and Brainwaves. Warning: mail art swaps are addicting! Participation in many beautiful art deck projects compelled her to move in a more commercial direction and into directing and producing this tarot deck.

NoMonet currently resides in Southern California with her loving, patient (imperative artist spouse quality) husband, devoted horse and a small herd of gentle, cuddly, couch potato Rottweilers, three of whom were adopted as adults.

Sarah Ovenall

Sarah is a collage artist, graphic designer and web developer. She has participated in several collaborative deck projects including the Collaborative Tarot, the Goddess Deck, Maninni II Tarot and Universal Dollie Tarot for which she served as project coordinator. For over twelve years she has written for, illustrated and published numerous amateur press associations, including FreFanZine, Golden APA, Myriad Bun-APA, the Junto and Linguica. Sarah has won local recognition for co-directing the annual Carolina Asian American International Film Festival and local notoriety for driving an art car, “Little Pig Boy."

When Sarah first encountered the Tarot almost fifteen years ago, her first impulse was to cut up the cards to create collage art. Later it occurred to her to cut up art and create collage Tarot instead. The product of this inspiration is Victoria Regina Tarot, an acclaimed Tarot deck which has been favorably reviewed by Brian Williams, Robert O'Neill, Tapestry magazine and Manteia Courier.

Sarah lives in Durham, North Carolina with her family of dogs. More information about Victoria Regina Tarot, as well as photos of Little Pig Boy are available on her website

Renee Pearson

Renee is an unconventionally trained book artist, printmaker, digital artist and graphic designer, working in various media, monotype, letter-press, found object collage, digital collage using Photoshop and Illustrator. Renee creates her artwork spontaneously and intuitively with little forethought given in advance.

Renee unequivocally trusts in dreams and intuition, is a student of the esoteric mysteries of the Tarot and collector of decks. She is a believer in the inexhaustible creative energy available to all who choose to partake. “Creativity is the catalyst of change, change is what life is about."

Renee lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cathleen Perkins

Cathleen Perkins, in her former art life, prior to 1994 was primarily an oil painter, specializing in portraits and landscapes, an accomplished stain glass artisan and photographer. She was also involved in textile arts, sewing hand made cloth dolls and journaling. Her life took a different turn when she found rubber stamping. She started doing scenes of scenic nature and was featured in RSM centerfolds nine times in one year and then went on to design the March/April ‘98 cover. Cathleen has also had art featured in The Studio.

Cathleen began designing and producing her own stamps and began exchanging mail art in various groups. She has been in the Capolan exchange, Funky and Brainwaves. She has also participated in many deck collaborative projects. Recently she coordinated the Goddess Deck project, in which 50 women participated and created handmade booklets and pouches for all the participants. This Goddess Deck project is featured in the most recent July/August issue of Somerset Studios. Cathleen has also taught collage classes. She has recently participated in a collaborative project of rubber stamps organized by Lynne Perrella of Acey Deucy Rubber Stamps.

Cathleen resides in Bozeman, Montana with her husband of 34 years. They have 3 grown daughters and two grandsons.

Red Dog Scott

Red Scott is the creator of the wonderful Capolan Art Exchange, a wildly successful and inspiring monthly art exchange loosely based on the artwork seen in Nick Bantock’s book Capolan, Travels of a Vagabond Country. She is a regular contributing writer to National Stampagraphic, a stamp art magazine in its 16th year of publication. Her artwork has been published in Stretch Marks, 1843 Rubber Art and The Studio. Red is a veteran stamper who has found her personal niche in collage and photomontage. Other areas of interest are music including solo work, bookbinding structures, journaling and is a devoted X-Files fan.

Red lives with her husband of 22 years, Keith and their four children in Southern California.

Roslyn Stendahl

Roz Stendahl is a graphic designer and illustrator located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She began her career in publishing as a copy editor after earning her Masters Degree in English at the University of Minnesota. In 1987 she started her own design company. While she works with all printed materials, her focus has been in college textbook design. She has designed over 300 books, providing cover and interior illustrations for the majority of the books she handles. In addition, she has done editorial illustration for magazines. She works digitally, using Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator and Freehand. In natural media Roz works primarily with pen and ink, scratchboard, colored pencil, watercolor, gouache and acrylic inks. Her digital images often include backgrounds or other elements created in natural media and then scanned.

For the past ten years Roz has been teaching classes in colored pencil techniques, creativity, book arts, eraser carving and nature journaling at various community venues. In 1998 Roz was one of ten Twin Cities artists selected for the Intermedia Arts’ Artist in the Schools Program. During the nine month long program Roz developed and implemented two curricula for digital art residencies (one with fourth graders and one for a 9th through 12th grade mixed class. Roz also developed a 10 week nature journaling curriculum that will be implemented in the 1999-2000 school year.

Mail artists will be familiar with Roz as Gummiglot. An active mail artist since 1984, she has hosted two mail art calls, White Shoes and Imelda’s Closet. From February 1995 to November 1997 Roz published the quarterly non-cute rubberstamping magazine Stretch Marks, a truly wonderful magazine that many of us miss.

A new vocation came into Roz’s life in 1983 when she adopted an Alaskan Malamute bitch, Emma and began tracking. Emma died in 1996 of cancer, but Roz continues to work with Emma’s niece Dottie. Dottie is trained as a tracking dog and for cadaver search work. Since 1996 Roz has taught tracking classes at a local dog training school.

As a freelance magazine writer, Roz has written on topics as diverse as rubberstamping, dog scent work and prostate cancer treatments. She was a member of Minnesota Scriptworks, a local screenwriting group for five years until it’s dissolution in 1998.

Currently, in addition to her design studio work, Roz is preparing paintings and drawings for a one-woman show “Support(s)."

Susan Renee Tomb

Susan Renee Tomb is a self-taught artist and visitor from another planet. As a teenager she began her era as a professional artist when people began to pay her respectable sums not to draw such profoundly disturbing, nightmarish images. She took the cash and soon thereafter began to create art of great beauty and power and was thereupon paid respectable sums to draw these more acceptable images. The effect of this being she made money twice, for drawing and NOT drawing. However, this did not prevent her from creating profoundly disturbing nightmarish images, she just did it for fun and for free.

Susan won a “Most Insipid Letter contest” offered on a “Fright Night” horror movie show and became friends with the resident vampire/mortician host. She did several fascinating illustrations for a sci-fi children’s book that was never published because her partner/writer went insane. Susan has also previously worked as a greatly admired equestrian artist and her work has appeared in numerous horse magazines. She also created the deliciously creepy and haunting Halloween cover art for Rubberstampmadness September/October issue which people are still talking about. Her rubber stamp art has also been featured three times in RSM centerfolds (issues 75,76 and 79) and she wrote and provided stamp art for the article “The Evolution of Cosmic Ocean” for the January February ’96 issue. She has also created a centerfold and had her art appear several times in Stretch Marks. Susan also sculpted three exotic mythological headdresses for the movie “Wishmaster."

Susan is always looking for new ways for artistic expression and is presently experimenting with creating unique and intriguing images on the computer.

Barbara Wolfe

Barbara Wolfe rediscovered her childhood dreams of being an artist about ten years ago. Many private classes, college courses and teaching workshops later Barbara began to teach private classes herself on collage and journaling. Barbara has published her art in various magazines, including The Studio. She has also participated in many art swaps. Artistic specialties include collage and artistic journals where she enjoys using every artistic medium imaginable. Presently she is involved in acrylic painting.

Barbara lives in Southern California.

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