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Ace of Cups


Ace of Cups
Artwork by Tracy Cutts

As in all the Aces, the potential for the essence of the suit, in this case emotion, is very high. The time is ripe for a new relationship, a new union, the coming of an important figure into your life or a renewal of love within an established relationship. There is potential for a new relationship, a marital bond, motherhood, or a new creative endeavor. The emotional tide runs high, bringing with it even the possibility of a new love or regeneration of an old one.

In the Ace of Cups card a young woman is shown diving into a cup, with a canal in Venice, Italy, the city of love, as a background. What could possibly be a more romantic and conducive location to start an affair of the heart? We see a woman diving into love, taking the risk to plunge into powerful emotions. This card challenges us to take the chance, risk our hearts; there is much to be gained.

The negative side to this card would be disruption or instability in a relationship, which may be brought upon by not appreciating and neglecting the positive relationship(s) we do have.

The movie Little Women has a lot of potential in the realm of relationships and a lot of the energy of the Ace of Cups. All four of the sisters share strong attachments to one another and their parents and win and lose emotional attachments to young men in the movie.

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