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The literary work presented on this site is, in fact, something much greater than merely a dream, it is an oasis — indeed, a river flowing out to a veritable ocean — which lies much further beyond the mirage which it might seemingly appear to be. It is an ode to Love and Friendship which has transcended the centuries, harkening from these virtual pages that you see here before you, back through the Victorian age, the Age of Enlightenment; then beyond that much, much further still, reaching out to the Renaissance and the birth of the printed word; and beyond even that to a time and place unknown, a mystery as timeless as Love and Friendship has always and ever been.

A Letter to My Imaginary Friend

A letter for Friends & Lovers, not only for those who may be in search of a special friend or a kind, gentle lover, but also for those who may have felt the pain of loss of such a beloved one in their lives, and — perhaps especially — a letter to help celebrate along with those fortunate couples for whom such love and companionship has been so happily discovered. This love letter, though fictional in presentation and nature, is also genuinely autobiographical in reminiscence and source. This is the true story, my story, my treatise, poem and song in praise of the lofty heights and fathomless depths of love.

Epistyll to ane Imagenarie Frende

A digital presentation of the colloquial late-Middle English transliteration of the Letter, as composed by Roanalde Kosterius in 1523.


Various and sundry supplements to the main texts (via the above links) added since the initial 1996 online début of this literary work.

Download the eBook

A Letter to My Imaginary Friend is also available for free download as an ebook (EPUB format).

Dedicated to the Lady in the Lake:
My Beloved Friend, Lucie LeBel


The words presented here in this fabled narrative may not have been written to you, and we may have only really been just friends and never shared between us such passion as is expressed within these pages, but that didn’t mean that you weren’t worthy, let alone so very deserving, of having known this sort of love in your life. My having myself loved in this way taught me only how merely fleeting and elusive (and not just illusive) this sort of love actually is, but loving you, simply as my cherished companion, taught me how real and genuine Love and Friendship can truly be.

And I will always love you, and never, ever forget you, for that.

You were the anchor for my balloon,
as One with Our Mother Earth,
and Grandmother Moon,
so genuine, so real, so true,
there was simply no other like you.

You were so irreplaceable to me
— you were so unimaginable, Lucie.

Painting by Lucie LeBel

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