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Ace of Coins


Ace of Coins
Artwork by Connie Houser

The Ace of Coins brings forward the potential of the suit. This card speaks of good beginnings for business ventures, new ideas that will generate money or other currency of the material world. This could involve a new business proposition, a business loan becoming available to pursue a new course of action, a gift, a grant or some other type of funding, a new aspect of growth in the corporeal world.

This card portrays the Ace of Coins as a coin rising over a woman like a sun. Like the sun nourishes the earth, money nourishes our earthly physical needs. A woman holds out her hand towards it in anticipation, welcoming the potential that it brings to warm and comfort her physical existence. In the left corner new foundations are erected in the form of lofty cliffs above her.

You will be blessed by some form of potential in the realm of the material. This is most often in a monetary form, either as some type of financial compensation, a business loan, a gift or award. This can also be a gift of nature or opportunities that will optimize your life in the way of security and prosperity.

The negative of this card would be an over-dependence on material possessions or an abuse of the power that possessions might give you. Or it could mean a time to leave the importance of the material behind in your life, relegate less importance to it.

The movies Working Girl and The Secret of My Success deal with a potential in the area of business deals and situations where the main characters make the most of the opportunities handed them, much in the spirit of the Ace of Coins.

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