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Ten of Swords


Ten of Swords
Artwork by Sandra McCall

The Ten of Swords heralds the end to something. It could be an end to a problem you are experiencing. It could be an end to a relationship or a way of life. It could be the end of a career choice or the end of a belief system. But it is important to remember with the end of any particular situation there comes a new beginning. So the change and the inner conflict that the Ten of Swords brings is double-edged, with a beginning to balance the ending.

The card illustrates the change that the Ten of Swords brings by posing the swords in front of a bright night sky which is symbolic of change. It takes many light years for the light of suns in the universe to reach us as starlight. Many of these suns have burnt out by the time their light has reached us. By giving their light they change to another state. The universe is full of change, with new and old star systems all around us in a constant state of flux and movement.

There will be a new change in your life; something will end, a routine, a relationship or belief. Something that was once constant will be no more. This may be painful, depending on how easily you are able to transcend the change this involves. There is no choice but to let go and freely accept it. A clarity will accompany the change, and the truth of the situation will set you free to begin a new chapter, the emergence of a fresh beginning.

The negative would be a change that is deceptively not painful at first; however you might look within to see if you are being honest with your feelings and perceptions of this event. Or this might be a change that is temporarily relieving you of stress and allowing you to clear your thoughts to be able to make the decision to make a permanent change in your life, one that will be more unsettling, yet necessary.

Baby Boom is a movie about a woman’s end of life as a fast-paced ad executive and the beginning of life as a slow-paced working mother and the start of new priorities for her. Mississippi Burning is another movie of pain, struggle and eventual triumph of justice with change after much oppression.

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