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Princess of Coins


Princess of Coins
Artwork by Barbara Wolfe

As an individual the Princess of Coins represents a younger person or youthful attitude with an enthusiasm towards a new activity or focus of learning, yet a sincere respect for the material side of life.

As an activity the Princess of Coins is a new beginning that requires an apprenticeship or a humble ground-level start. This new beginning may be gradual and time-consuming; yet it has the potential to be beneficial in a practical profitable career choice over time. This could be a pleasurable hobby that turns into an enjoyable profession.

This card is portrayed as a young woman whose labor is seen behind her in the tended crops and livestock and in the banner over her head, which literally shows the fruits of her labor. The laborers are also related to her connection to the earth and its presence in her state of mind and her direction towards earthly matters. She is focused and determined in her gaze, ready to roll up her sleeves and go back into her hard working life to finish her tasks. Her success in the material world shows in her clothes, her headdress with its many coins and her necklace.

This could represent new beginnings in the form of an individual who finds fascination and enjoyment in a field of study, caring more for the work than the social position it merits or lacks. Or this could represent personal new beginnings in the form of a new hobby or field of study that over time may develop into a worthwhile career move.

A Princess of Coins character would be the character of Mona Lisa Vito in the movie My Cousin Vinny. She is a very strong and well grounded character. Sally, in the movie When Harry Met Sally, is a very solid, practical, sensible and thinks she can organize her life just so.

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