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Artwork by Cathleen Perkins

With every ending there is a new beginning; with every death, a new birth, as one door closes, a new one opens. Life is cycle of change. The Death card does not necessarily denote a physical death, but more of a rebirth and a change in one’s life. There is a death of some aspect of someone’s life; how painful that is for them is dependent upon how tenacious their grasp is on that which they have lost.

We must learn to be able to let go and move on. Change is part of the life experience; it becomes the best and worst parts of our existence. It is inevitable, and we must learn to work with it rather than against it. There is no way to overcome it; one must only bend to its will.

The old life is depicted in this card by the dead woman floating in the water; the new life is symbolized by the newborn babe floating in the water beside her. The catalyst is the nymph beside them who has pulled the soul from the dead woman and put it into the baby. The tunnel symbolizes the transition from old to new. The water is moving, symbolizing a current of change and rebirth. A fish jumps from the water, another sign of emotional rebirth. The woman wears a bit of snakeskin, symbolizing rejuvenation and change.

The negative aspect of this card is refusal to change. Holding on to the past without acknowledging the present, attempting to remain static.

In the movie Jerry McGuire, the main character comes to a crossroads where his values affect his work and change his life completely. He must start a new business from scratch, relying upon nothing but his newfound values and the loyalty of one woman whom he comes to love. This is a heartwarming tale of rebirth in many ways.

The movies Dead Man Walking, The Crow and Fearless are also stories that talk about a time to let go of fear, change one’s view of reality and embrace change.

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