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Eight of Coins


Eight of Coins
Artwork by Jill Jones

The value of hard work lies not simply in a livelihood, a way to make ends meet, but also in a way to find a value within yourself, justifying your being. In this manner the fruits of labor can be rewarding twofold. This is the card of skillful industry put to good use in learning or apprenticeship, possibly in a new trade or enterprise resulting in a change to a more satisfying career. This could also be a realization of a new direction one must take to find the highly personal spiritual rewards in labor.

The Eight of Coins is illustrated with a woman reading or studying under a tree. The tree represents the tree of knowledge one must submit to in order to enable a change in career. A beginning starts with learning and a gradual progression to a state of ready knowledge and experience in a chosen field. A burning flame of desire to obtain the spiritual enrichment that gainful and productive work can bring burns at the roots of the tree.

You have an opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship or have discovered a new field that excites you and appears to be a worthwhile endeavor at which to make a living. This card suggests that now is a good time to learn a satisfying new trade, one which brings pride in achievement and the spiritual rewards of doing work that feels genuine to your nature.

The negative of this card would be impatience with a career or appreciating a career only for the amount of money it can bring you, a situation which brings frustration, envy and unhappiness.

In the movie Children of a Lesser God once the main character, Sarah who is deaf, learns how to speak, she goes back to school to make a career change and achieve her potential.

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