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Six of Swords


Six of Swords
Artwork by Susan Renee Tomb

This card, the Six of Swords, heralds a move or a journey towards a peaceful time. This could be an inner peace or resolution after a time of stress. One might find a release of tension through changing a viewpoint on an emotional subject or by becoming more objective. Take a journey into another state of mind. The Six of Swords can also be an actual physical relocation to another city, state or country.

The angel on this card brings to mind the Biblical story of Michael the Archangel casting the disruptive angels out of heaven who began the rebellion against God, bringing a peace and harmony back to God’s paradise. Therefore, although force had been used and a conflict ensued, the result was peace and tranquility.

This card can herald a transition into another stage, either a more peaceful, calm state of mind, resolving some problem or issue. It could also mean the possibility of travel, a relaxing vacation or perhaps moving to a new home.

The negative of this card could suggest a turbulent time, a journey to a place of unrest and discontent where a resolution is very difficult.

Probably every movie with a struggle and a happy ending has the Six of Swords scenario. As the sun sets and characters embrace, we know they are now entering the Hollywood place of “happily ever after."

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