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The Moon


The Moon
Artwork by Mark Jetton

The inconstant moon, so many faces to show, never the same night by night, she has so many moods and faces that she rarely tells the truth about herself. Why should she, when she is a master of illusion and hidden truths? She affects all the waters of the earth; and since we are physically composed of mostly water, we are her subjects just the same as the ocean rhythms and tides. She affects us mightily, often causing creativity or mental imbalance to those who are vulnerable to her on the nights she is full. It is a known fact that mental hospitals tend to get quite full during the full moon. Many feminine cycles revolve around the moon’s cycle. Farmers’ almanacs pay close attention to the phases of the moon for the best times to plant and sow. Many cultures and religions also pay homage to the moon and her phases.

The Moon shown to us in this card is a woman wearing a half moon mask standing in front of the glow of a full moon. Not only is she showing us her many faces, she is also opening her cloak to show us her power over water, which affects everything on land and water. All living and breathing things are under her spell, her whims, her passion, her blessings and her protection. Her title is held in the claws of a crab, a creature of both land, the conscious world and water, the unconscious world. He is a native to both and is able to move between these worlds, just as she does.

Beware of inconsistencies in your life. Something is not what it appears to be. Perhaps now is the time to trust your intuition and feelings more than your logic in worldly matters.

In the movie of the same title, The Black Widow shows each of her successive husbands exactly what they want in a lifetime companion, loving and gentle, the perfect wife and then shortly after marrying them kills them cruelly with untraceable poison. She has more faces than the moon.

In the movie The Piano, the mother and daughter have a symbiotic relationship in a dream world, where each relies upon the other to reinforce the walls of the delusion.

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