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Artwork by Ricë Freeman-Zachary

Courage and strength are often depicted in many cultures as a lion or a tiger. There is incredible power within those huge jaws and claws and giant muscular limbs. These attributes for strength and courage as applied to human beings are not necessarily physical in nature. Athletes will tell you that success within athletics is 95% (maybe more) mental and 5% physical. The mechanics is a small part of the control. The brain takes over and dictates the rest. Attitude is everything; the belief that one can accomplish the necessary is more than half the battle. Where the mind leads, the body will follow.

Yet the power of this card, Strength, lies not through brute force or through the power of controlling mind over matter, but through the gentle child of compassion. Strength is exhibited by showing love and courage, the inner strength, bringing out the goodness in others by showing the good in oneself, being the bigger person in a dispute, turning the other cheek when the opportunity arises. True strength is the realization that to forgive and forget is truly a blessing in one’s life.

Strength is essential in our lives, especially in times of trouble. We are naturally endowed with a certain amount of strength, and as we go through life we become stronger through enduring pain and hardships of various natures within our lives.

On this card the little girl is controlling the lion, who is much bigger than she is. In reality, strength and courage in the quiet arena of love and compassion are huge concepts to manage and maintain, much larger than life; but we have the ability to control them. All we need is faith and perseverance. Butterflies represent transformation and growth, the inner beauty of evolution taking flight.

This card speaks to us of a time where the strength of compassion and love is needed. A time is at hand where we must muster all our determination and courage, utilizing the lion within us to conquer our obstacles and overcome barriers.

The negative aspect of this card would be an abuse of power or a weak will evident upon trial.

In the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day the character shows a sacrifice of himself for the greater good at the end of the movie, showing an inner strength, compassion and love overcoming ego. In the movie Sling Blade the main character commits a violent act the consequences of which he is well aware of, out of pure love and compassion for a child and his mother, to protect them.

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