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Nine of Coins


Nine of Coins
Artwork by Ricë Freeman-Zachary

The Nine of Coins represents success through material achievements. There is an appreciation of the hard work that it took to get to this haven of comfort and security. A life that is the result of productivity and accomplishments has not always been an easy one. Sacrifices have been made within the personal and emotional areas to obtain success. Discipline and dedication have played large roles; self-sacrifice and hard work have paid off. Satisfaction is obtained through both self-esteem and material success.

Material success is represented in this card by hands holding coins, hands that have golden rings on nearly every finger. A woman with a happy content expression on her face is contemplating her past and present circumstances. Flowers and butterflies signify the better things in life that are the rewards of hard work and a connection to nature, a tranquility and peace of mind.

This card represents a truly evolved life, where one has created who and what they represent in their life and the lives of others through their own efforts. There is a knowledge of self as well as an assurance of security through possessions acquired through hard work and self-discipline.

The negative of this card would be a lack of inner knowledge, an inability to stick to anything long enough for it to pay off, faithlessness and an inability to commit.

In the movie Rambling Rose, the mother is so soothing, loving and strong that everyone loves her and listens to her. She helps everyone achieve inner peace and tranquility. The mother has all the qualities of the Nine of Coins.

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