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Prince of Coins


Prince of Coins
Artwork by Keely Barham

The Prince of Coins is an individual who is unafraid of hard work, showing dedication to tasks and carrying them through to completion. The Prince is well grounded in the practicalities of life and is a responsible individual in whom trust can be placed to accomplish assigned duties in a satisfactory manner.

The Prince of Coins could also be the need to focus time and energy on a project or task; upon the end result will be success. There might be a need to concentrate on worldly responsibilities, increase productivity and temporarily cut yourself off from the emotional and mental demands placed on you while resolving a situation. This could also be a successful conclusion to a persistent problem.

The Prince of Coins is illustrated as a new beginning, in the way that new beginnings can be fragmented and jumbled before we set out on the actual achievements. These new beginnings require grit and determination, which this Prince has in his face as he sets out on his quest to begin a new project or achievement.

This is a time to dedicate time and attention to completing a project, task or other labor, which will reward you at its completion on a monetary level. Or you will come into contact with an individual with the qualities of dedication and perseverance.

Jerry McGuire, the main character in the movie of the same name is a Prince of Coins character that undergoes a metamorphosis to find the most important things in life aren’t money.

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