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The Sun


The Sun
Artwork by Keely Barham

What could be more peaceful than basking in the warm glow of the sun on a summer’s day? The sun’s rays are beneficial to nearly all life forms, with both physical and spiritual nourishment. The sun is a strong beneficial force, greeting each day with glowing optimism.

The Sun tells us of a time of success, happiness, warmth and security. There is a sense of optimism and renewal, both physical and mental, indicating a time at hand to be able to relax and enjoy life.

The warm glow of this card is comforting and beautiful, taking us into what would appear to be the heart of the sun in this artistic design. The sun smiling benevolently down tells us that happy times are upon us. Diagrams of the sun decorate the card indicating beneficial rays falling upon us from many angles in a bounty of positive energy.

A negative focus of The Sun card would indicate a lack of focus, arrogance or insincerity, or it could mean burnout, trying too hard and wasting an excessive amount of energy.

The movie Cocoon has a great deal of the beneficial energy of The Sun card, where elderly people became physically and mentally rejuvenated after being close to aliens. Their world, which was once a joyless exercise in futility, watching each other grow increasingly decrepit with age and closer and closer to death’s doorstep, is now preoccupied with making new plans to enjoy their lives and newfound energy.

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