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The World


The World
Artwork by Arnell Ando

As the last card of the Major Arcana, The World completes a cycle; it is the sum of all things. The World represents success, attainment of goals, an affirmation of the beauty and goodness of life.

The card depicts the Great Goddess wrapping herself around a trellis like a rose vine. Roses also represent the beauty and pain of our existence. She holds up a dream catcher/spider web. Native American legends tell us the spider Goddess created the universe; and the twinkling stars are the dew upon her magnificent and intricate web. They believe that there are as many stars as there are souls and that each one of us has a guiding star to wish upon. Regeneration and new life are expressed in this card by the snake, butterfly and the nest full of delicate blue robin’s eggs.

The card tells us that much insight and wisdom has been obtained and a cycle has been completed in one’s life. You have come full circle in fulfillment, at a time of harmony and the celebration of success, in a state of universal consciousness.

The negative interpretation might be fear or a lack of vision blocking one’s path of growth, remaining static and stagnant, unable to move to a new stage of development. Or it might be a concern for the state of the environment and the world, abuse of the laws of nature.

In the movie Shirley Valentine, the main character transforms from an under-appreciated housewife to a strong independent woman, coming from a no-identity persona to a full identity by the end of the movie.

The movie Working Girl also shows this change, from a secretary in a large company to a position of more responsibility and respect, a mover and shaker, someone capable of making the right contacts and closing big deals and mergers.

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