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Queen of Wands


Queen of Wands
Artwork by Arnell Ando

The Queen of Wands draws attention to the qualities of creativity, loyalty, intuition, hard work and commitment. These positive characteristics either become more developed in you or are brought to you through contact with an individual with these qualities.

The Queen is a powerful sorceress mixing an alchemical brew. Behind her is a quilt denoting her artistic skill and meditative qualities. To her right is her black cat sitting under a harvest moon and an autumn tree with golden leaves of words. The queen is not only creative but is also a transformative force for others. Scattered on her table are charms, a talisman, a bag of Runes and a Tarot deck displaying the Queen of Wands card. The Queen of Wands is an archetypal image who lives within each of us and stokes our creative fires.

The Queen of Wands is enthusiastic and full of creative energy, often having many projects going on at one time. Although family and friends and a sense of community are important to her, she is fiercely independent and respects others’ personal space. She is compassionate and empathetic; but if crossed, she turns into a lioness. She can be counted on to share creative ideas and inspire change.

The negative of this card would portray defensiveness or impatience with opposition. It can also mean being overprotective or controlling.

The mother in the movie Mask has many Queen of Wands characteristics in her love, protection and support of her disabled son. She is encouraging and creative in her efforts to assist him in making the most of his life.

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