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Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords
Artwork by Amy McClure

The Queen of Swords has been through many trials, many conflicts in her life. She has weathered them with strength and courage, standing steadfast in the face of misfortune and sorrow. She has lost loved ones and experienced pain; but instead of letting these experiences make her bitter, she has let them temper her and strengthen her resolve. She is realistic and pragmatic; she is a loyal friend and determined ally.

The Queen of Swords brings these attributes into your life either directly to you in your approach to life or in the shape of a relationship in your life with a person of Queen of Swords characteristics.

The Queen of Swords is portrayed amongst the swirling air that governs her suit. She has wings to lift her mind above her earthly problems. She bears a third eye of intuition, a sixth sense of wisdom. Butterflies symbolizing change after incubation fly around her. She has been through hard times and has become stronger, she is able to cut through illusions with clarity.

The Queen of Swords presents us with a feminine image who has discovered her strength and wisdom through the trials she has borne in her life. Experience and life learned through difficult, painful lessons have seasoned her expectations. This might have taught her to be pushy and extreme in getting people to see her point of view.

The waitress in the movie White Palace is a Queen of Swords character. She has been betrayed in the past but is stronger for it. She is realistic and has no illusions about who she is and what she expects from life. The waitress Carol Connelly in the movie As Good as It Gets is another Queen of Swords character.

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