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The Empress


The Empress
Artwork by Teesha Moore

The Empress is a classic mother figure archetype. The focus of The Empress is on home and hearth, a warm and nurturing love and care of the family. She sits in beautiful robes and is serene and happy looking. Celestial bodies surround her, signifying a time and season for all things. She is deeply rooted in the physical and emotional states of life. She has achieved her potential in relationships, motherhood and domestic stability.

The Empress signifies a time of domestic security and peace. She can represent an impending marriage, fertility, motherhood or simply domestic bliss, a happiness that is only achieved through the sharing of a close and personal love. This can be sexual in nature, or it can be a caring, sustaining, parental love. The Empress is also harbinger of creativity, bringing not only the birth of children, but the birth of ideas and creativity.

The negative of this card could be a retreat from emotions and the physical side of life and/or using intellectual capabilities to problem solve.

All the women characters in the movie Steel Magnolias personify The Empress. It was their motherly love, sharing and caring natures that carried them triumphantly through both good times and bad.

The movie, Terms of Endearment was another movie with many different levels of womanhood representing nurturing and love, characteristics of the Empress.

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