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The High Priestess


The High Priestess
Artwork by Alexandra Genetti

Women are known for having a powerful intuition, a strong sense of the undercurrent of emotions lying between the spoken and unspoken word. This card is full of the strong feminine energy of intuition. The High Priestess relies less on her connection to the physical world to make her judgements and complete tasks and more on her inner strengths and powerful insight.

The High Priestess suggests that you look at problems intuitively, from another angle. There are times when we want to address a problem that we know exists, but it doesn’t seem to be a knowledge that was achieved rationally. Despite its seeming irrationality, this becomes valuable insight to act upon. Sometimes it is just this type of insight that makes people seem like mind readers and allows them to solve small problems before they become large ones. The High Priestess qualities help identify the hidden influences in your life.

A woman I know communicates telepathically to animals through pictures transmitted between them. She says we are all born with this ability, but when we learn to verbalize we quickly lose the ability or it becomes dormant. It might just be that this ability is called intuition and actually has a rational explainable basis. We are somehow open to pick up on people’s thoughts and internal reactions in this manner along with our outward communications with them.

The negative aspect to the High Priestess is emotional instability and a dependency on external cues and over-calculated actions. There might be atendency to be secretive and guarded to keep an initiate from learning too much before they are ready.

The nun in the movie Dead Man Walking was a High Priestess character, guiding the convict to make a connection with his humanity, bringing his repentance and a higher awareness of his spirituality.

In the movie Field of Dreams a farmer trusts in intuition and what seems like a dreamlike message to create a baseball field in his cornfield which becomes not only a baseball field of dreams, but a field of closure and healing for several important issues in his life and the lives of others.

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