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The Hermit


The Hermit
Artwork by Tracy Moore

We all need quiet time and solitude to be able to reach inside ourselves and keep in touch with all our innermost wishes, thoughts and perceptions. Those emotions and drives may be quiet and appear vague under the surface of our psyche, but they are the wheels that move the car; they are the motivation that brings us through our lives.

The Hermit is a traveler with a cap on his head. However, his travels are of an inner nature. He understands the need for trolling the deep waters to understand and control our deeper natures. His wisdom is not found in books, but through a true understanding of himself. In solitude and meditation lie answers to many of our motivations. Under the environment of self-exploration and contemplation, answers rise to the surface of consciousness, and our knowledge of them makes it easier for us to change negative patterns and live our lives in a life-affirming manner.

The Hermit is portrayed on the card as one who would see the truth behind the artifice of the real world, the eye who sees the reasons for the light rather than just perceiving it and basking in it. His wisdom is the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of the universe, ready and waiting for all who want to learn and absorb its energy and healing nature.

The Hermit draws your attention to your inner life, your need for meditation and retreat from the distractions of the corporeal world. The Hermit can also represent a positive calming influence in your life, someone who helps you grow internally, such as a therapist or wise mentor.

The negative aspect to this card is excessive caution and a static state where one refuses to bend and change, refuses to approach new ideas or look within. Excessive isolation can cause paranoia and depression.

In the movie Regarding Henry the main character is a high-powered attorney who gets into a serious accident that forces him to slow his lifestyle down and see the importance of the other aspects of his life, i.e. his wife and children that he neglected for so long.

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