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Eight of Swords


Eight of Swords
Artwork by Julie Hagan Bloch

This card characterizes the expression “between a rock and a hard place.” There is a feeling of being trapped, being a victim of circumstance, in a situation where one is restricted in some way. Yet, despite its negativity, the Eight of Swords, besides being a card of restriction and inner turmoil, is also a card that promises eventual liberation.

In this card we see a sleeping individual lying in a cramped fetal position, a position of retreat and reluctant defeat representing the feeling of entrapment and frozen conflict. Yet within this sleeper’s dreams we see him/her walking a tightrope above those swords of conflict and entrapment, leaving them behind.

The Eight of Swords informs us that although one is trapped in a situation, restricted in some way, there is hope. There will be a new beginning, a choice that will relieve the restriction, a door will open for escape from the difficult situation.

The negative of this card would mean seeing the situation clearly for the first time for what it is and after becoming mentally clear, taking a first step towards liberation.

A movie which illustrates the Eight of Swords is No Way Out where a character is trapped, framed for a crime he has not committed and must prove his innocence. Another movie with that same Eight of Swords scenario is The Fugitive.

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