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Four of Wands


Four of Wands
Artwork by NoMonet

This card tells us of a time of rejoicing and celebration. At the end of every hard road lies a time of relaxation and enjoyment. The Wands burn as brightly in celebration as in strife and challenge.

Success is evident as four dancers leap across this card in the joy of the moment. Watch faces represent a time for celebration. This happy time refreshes and invigorates us, providing strength to continue in the many often difficult and mundane tasks that envelop our lives.

Celebration and joy is in the moment here. Yet there is a promise of future hard work, as this is part of life; we cannot celebrate indefinitely.

There is no negative aspect to this card. Its joy is overwhelming and undeniable.

There are many movies with celebrations and rejoicing in them, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Betsy’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, Bachelor Party, House Party, etc. Generally the party is not the focus of the movie, but celebrations are part of them.

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