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The Star


The Star
Artwork by Tracy Cutts

From childhood we have learned to wish upon a falling star, or upon the first star we see. We have taken comfort from stars in many ways. Stars in the heavens have guided sailors to their destinations throughout the ages. Calendars have been created from the patterns of the stars, and many wonderful myths in every culture have been created about the stars. Just think how bleak and cold the night sky would be without them. By lighting the sky at night, stars show us a universe without end, a limitless potential right there in front of our eyes.

The Star has always been a symbol of optimism, hope, a look to renewal of faith and fulfilled dreams. So it is with The Star card. It brings joy and enthusiasm to us, a faith in life, love, happiness, success and good health. All the good things in life that we wish for, we can wish for upon a star. The Star is a promise of good fortune and good things to come.

The Star card shows Betsy Ross creating the first American flag. With an optimism about the brand new country of the United States, a future that was nothing but a dream to be free, Betsy is sewing symbolic stars of hope on a flag to represent it. An angel flies by, holding out her arm to show a starry eye which denotes innocent and pure love with nothing but hope of a future of more of the same to sustain it. A starfish decorates the middle of the card, a creature of the water, a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation and the unconscious dreams and wishes inherent in the star.

The movie While You Were Sleeping is about hope and innocent optimism. A young woman with a bleak job and future dreams of love with a handsome man. When his life is threatened she saves him; and when he goes into a coma, through some misunderstanding his family thinks she is his fiancée. She enjoys the farce, enjoys his family since she herself has none, keeps optimistic that no one will find out that she has lied, hopes for the best and in the process finds a real love to light her life.

The movies Rocky and Rudy are additional movies that address people’s optimism, hopes and ability to dream the impossible dream.

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