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Prince of Swords


Prince of Swords
Artwork by Michele Monet

The Prince of Swords brings excitement or upheaval into your life either in the form of a dynamic and interesting person with sharp mental facilities and an imaginative focus on life or the attainment of these qualities in yourself.

The Prince of Swords personality and attributes are characterized by a quick wit and mind, an active imagination and an enthusiastic nature. This individual possesses a questioning and inquisitive nature and can also be disruptive and flighty. He or she is likely to rush in carelessly and is prone to excess and extravagance.

The Prince of Swords is shown in front of a checkered floor, symbolic of the game of life and how the idealistic Prince sees life purely in terms of black and white and doesn’t see the wisdom of gray. The Prince is holding a sheathed sword symbolic of inner knowledge. A staircase twirls upwards representing new ways of thinking and perceiving one’s environment.

Either an individual with these qualities will come into your life, or you will attain these attributes through work, school or changes in socialization patterns.

The main character Will in the movie Good Will Hunting has Prince of Swords characteristics. The character’s dependence on his brilliant mind for survival and his somewhat cold and alienating attitude towards addressing his feelings and the mistrust he feels for those who would attempt to touch his heart is very much in the Prince of Sword’s personality.

Another Prince of Swords type of personality is the character of Gerry Conlon in the movie In the Name of the Father.

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