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We are at the end of the journey, the completion of a karmic cycle. It is now the time to evaluate what we have done and how well we have lived according to our values and judgement. Can we be harsh or lenient judges without being unfair?

For every action there is a reaction. For every harsh word given, a harsh word shall be received. For every favor given, a favor will be granted. Karmic law dictates an even flow of energy and how we live our lives reflects this energy.

This card makes the comparison of life to travel in a boat. Some days are sunny and calm, and we can plot our course and achieve our destination or goal without a problem. Some days, months or years are like being caught in a great storm where the ocean tosses the boat to and fro, and we more or less end up anywhere. Often it can be a play of our skills at navigating, how well we handle stress and make positive choices that determines our destination. This may get us where we want to go, but is it exactly where we should have gone? No matter what our planned destination or our good intentions, fate and chance take their turns with us along the way.

At the end of the final boat trip is Judgement. For some, Judgement is welcome; and these souls are ready. For others, spiritually unprepared, they are not.

There is a Karma cancellation on the picture to illustrate that Judgement is based on past actions; and the end result of Judgement is to exact equality you will receive as you give.

This is a time to take stock of your life and either reap the rewards or pay the price for your past actions. It is a time of reflection and summation before your next journey. A deeper understanding of yourself and a clear picture of the roads you have traveled and will travel is possible.

A negative side to this card would be that you are ill-prepared to be judged, you have unfinished business and possibly regret over past actions. It is time to make things right from your past transgressions.

In the movie The Shawshank Redemption, the main character becomes more and more in touch with his humanity. Through his contact with the inmates, he becomes aware of his true crime of being a bad husband and becomes a better person, helps other people, grants forgiveness and acts out his spiritual enlightenment, becoming free.

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