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The Emperor


The Emperor
Artwork by Dennis Jordan

The Emperor is a classic father archetype. He is involved in worldly activity and achievements; yet he is also available to ensure domestic order and care of his children or subjects with a father’s sternness and authority. He focuses on making a living for the family and makes sure they have the material possessions they need. He maintains a sense of ambition and a hard work ethic. Nothing is accomplished without focus and dedication, and The Emperor represents this in matters of the world and material gain.

In this card you can see that The Emperor’s nose is literally to the grindstone to provide for his family. Although he is a classic authority figure, he is also kind and gentle, with the fairness of a judge. He rules his world with logic and stability.

The Emperor calls attention to the need for you to focus on matters of importance in the material world. The Emperor is responsible for a great deal and presents the need for responsibility to worldly commitments such as a job, a business venture, the monitoring of investments or possibly the need to master one’s self control. The Emperor could also signify a business opportunity or an influential role model figure entering your life.

In a negative light, The Emperor could signify an abuse of power, a neglect of responsibility to family or business matters, or a relationship with an abusive boss or family figure.

In the movie, The Godfather, Don Corleone was an emperor figure. He ran his businesses (although much of it illegal) with great attention to detail and maintained a sense of fairness in all of his business, family and social contacts. Some of his decisions were harsh, but in his world they were considered fair and logical.

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