Commemorations of Koster


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Front and back of two silver commemorative coins issued as part of the celebrations of the third centennial in Haarlem. Engraving from Seiz’ Derde Jubeljaar (1740).


A bust of Koster, embraced by Minerva and enlaureled by Fame. Frontispiece for Het derde jubeljaar der uitgevondene boekdrukkonst by J.C. Seiz, issued by Izaak and Johannes Enschedé in 1740.


Monument of 1823 erected in the Haarlem woods. Engraving from the Gedenkschriften by Vincent Loosjes (1823).


Allegorical print
Allegorical print for the celebration in Haarlem in 1823 of the fourth centennial showing a comemmorative pillar with the coat of arms of the city of Haarlem on top, in front of which (on the left) stands Koster pointing with his right hand to a tree with letters carved in its trunk, and in his left hand a letter “A” which he is showing to the Virgin of the Netherlands (on the far right). She in turn points toward an altar dedicated to immortality, upon which is being thrown incense by Religion (second from right). Engraving by D. Sluyter, after a drawing by H.P. Oosterhuis (1823).


The old statue of Koster, made by Gerrit van Heerstal in 1722, which first stood on the Prinsenhof, then from 1801 to 1856 it was located in the Great Market, and since then has stood once again on the Prinsenhof. Engraving from Seiz’ Derde jubeljaar (1740).


Statue of Koster
The statue of Koster erected by Johannes Enschedé in the inner courtyard of his printing company in 1768. Engraving from the Letterproef (1768).


Statue of Koster
The bronze statue of Koster which was erected in the Great Market of Haarlem in 1856. Lithograph from the Gedenkboek.


Koster game
A game about the Koster legend, with instructions (below).


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