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The World’s Worst Handwriting Font


There’s not a heck of a lot to say about Falsum — this is my own handwriting, er, handprinting. My own handwriting is so awful that I gave up on it in high school, and reverted back to printing. I have practically no artistic skill — I can barely draw a stick man! — and so I suppose that’s how I ended up creating fonts out of historical designs, being a passionate bibliophile and student of the history of the printed word.

Nevertheless, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use my Falsum font, there’s nothing all that special about it, really — although I’ll give it credit for being in sync with my Thoreau’s Hand family of fonts, matching up both in comparative size as well as well as equivalent character sets. In that regard, it actually is a useful font for anyone using Thoreau’s Hand, for situations which may arise where you need to write something in ALL CAPS (which the Thoreau fonts just aren’t very conducive to).


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Version  1.00

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This Font Includes:
Basic & Extended Latin Character Sets
Standard Fractions
Numerous Symbols
plus many ligatures
and alternates! *

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* In all fairness, it should be noted that many of the alternates in Falsum are gratuitous, i.e. that they are mere replicates of the basic character set so that the full character set matches up with that of Thoreau’s Hand and its many alternates. This has practical value if one has manually typset one’s text in the latter font and then for some reason decided to switch that text to the former, so that one doesn’t end up with various characters suddenly going missing.



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The font preview script on this page has been adapted from the WOFF test script for FontCreator professional type design software. Many thanks to Erwin Denissen and High-Logicfor kind permission to use it here on this site!


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