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Psymon’s Astrology Chart




Above is my own astrology chart! If you’re a fan of astrology, feel free to analyze it — and me — to your heart’s content, or just scroll down to see what others have already written about me! I know very little about astrology myself, but at the same time I am quite intrigued by the interpretations of those who do, and I warmly welcome anyone and everyone to try their hand at doing so — and if you would like me to add in your own analysis of me, feel free to Contact Me with your submission and I would be delighted to add in whatever secrets you might discover or unearth!

(Please note that while your email address is required for the form submission, I will not add that in to this page here, but if you have a home page you’d like me to include a link to, I would be more than happy to do so along with any worthwhile analysis of my chart.)

Chart Analyses & Interpretations

Ok... you were born March 1962 — I’d say probably 3/1/62 around 10pmish... but that is basically guesswork... since am not sure WHERE you were born...

Pisces, Capricorn Moon... Scorpio Rising...

My moon is within one degree of yours... so I understand lots about Cappy moons...

I have printed a copy of your chart and will look at it more later... but have to say that as a Scorpio I see lots of interesting secrets there. :)

Janet Bell
February 14, 1997

Highly Intuitive, Intense, Controversial, Talkative, sometimes foggy...

I think it was all that action in the third house that made me think you were talkative. But foggy. That was obvious with that Neptune on your Scorpio Rising. But it’s a good kind of foggy. Psychic stuff. A constant sense of the environment around you. But sometimes there are too many impressions coming in for your Pisces self so it can get confusing. Also Scorpio Rising nixes the Neptune/Pisces tendency to censor out the nasty bits about what’s going on around you so you get the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That can be hard especially since your Pisces Sun would prefer a sweeter version of the world. If you can get them working together you could find yourself able to make real change in your own life and the lives of others through your intuitive gifts. (I'm going from memory here) BTW I have a Scorpio Rising too.

Donna Marsh
Home Page: Celebrity Astrology
April 7, 1998

Hey Psymon,

The first thing I look at when I look at a chart is Saturn. To me Saturn represents our “shadow side” and tells us the subject of our dramas and crisis in this life, and where we will be challenged to grow.

You have Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd House. You will have major dramas around friends and acquaintances, brothers and sisters, especially when your are trying to communicate your feelings and struggles with them. You will struggle with school, and may find that although you are smart, you have to work harder than others to succeed. You are “in your head” a lot and tend to analyze others and their problem “into the ground” (heehee).

Let me know what you think of this!


Mary Jane
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Home Page: Mary Jane Zone Astrological Services
August 24, 1998

Looks like you were born on 2nd March 1962 at around 4.00 am.

You are very unconventional and have a liking for politics.

During your life you are likely to inherit property and you generally you have some protection as regards finances.

Marital life is subject to upheavals and I dare say that you will make more than one commitment during your life.

I would like to do a more in depth analysis but prefer not to unless I get the location of your birth. This will confirm whether the chart you are supplying has been accurately drawn.


Home Page: gnome
February 24, 2000

I would guess that your upbringing was very rewarding because your familiy had in their nature to make the most out of what very little possesions they had, but everything was invested with a great amount of emotional potancy, particularly your father — was he a craftsperson of some kind?

You have healing abilities, because pisces in the fourth house, Neptune in the first house — me too — you are volatile with people because you sense all their insecurities, tend to make enemies of them as soon as you are freinds, also coupled with the depth seeking regenerative scorpio, which fuels itself by it’s own perceptive suspiscion, which is just another word for e.s.p. Perhaps power is the best. Father was emotionally erratic?

I don’t know much about astrology either. Very powerfull himself — big?

March 14, 2000

With Neptune in Scorpio conjunct your ascendant and sextile your Moon, you are probably extremely intuitive, perhaps downright psychic. Neptune’s trine with Venus suggests that you are one of the most compassionate persons out there. This same energy, and Neptune’s prominence in your chart, can lead to chemical dependencies if you’re not careful. You have a strong desire to transcend the limits imposed by the lower self, which fuels the compassion, but can lead to various forms of escapism (drugs, alcoholism, etc.) The Neptunian influence, BTW, shows up in your delightful surreal art, which transcends the boundaries of the mundane world. (Neptune is the planet of transcendance.) Also, Uranus in Leo, the sign of creativity sitting right on your midheaven suggests that your creative expression is unusual, radical in a sense, futuristic, and is the public expression of yourself to the world at large--career. The Sun conjunct your 5th house cusp, the house of creative expression, also rules your midheaven, accentuating this. Wow! This is a very powerful relationship here). You are more sensitive than most to the moods, feelings, etc. of those around you, your receptivity is enormous. Though these qualities are often associated with a mental cloudiness, you have a very fine mind, evidenced by your third-house Mercury conjunct Saturn and Mars. Mars adds energy to your thought processes and you are probably quite a witty individual with a slight tendency towards perhaps sharpness at times, though Saturn greatly moderates and suppresses that tendency. (You may think of something caustic, but Saturn’s influence and your deep compassion prevent you from actually saying something that could hurt someone.) Venus conjunct your Sun (your very identity) is a powerful indicator of your creativity as it sits right on your fifth house cusp. (The fifth house is the house of creativity.) Your creativity is characterized by a very strong esthetic sense. This is about all I can come up with without digging into books, like the fascinating gestalt pattern your planets form and the significance of the fact that all of the planets on your midheaven are retrograde, suggesting some karmic tendencies at work in how you express yourself to the world). But I really like you simply from reading a few things in your chart.

third planet from the sun
June 23, 2000

Thanks for sharing your chart.

I am just at the precipice of falling into an understanding of astrology and other esoteric ideas.

In my limited experience, I feel Vedic Astrology to be more proficient... but then one must consider that I failed miserably in algebra and excelled in geometry and, so, one might understand why the house system is more easily comprehended by this brain. ha!

And, besides, Pluto and Uranus are conjunct my Sun... and I cannot deny Pluto (nor Uranus) as rather potent forces in my life. More ha’s!

Like I said, you have a Beginner here, but here goes... mind you, what I see is a parallel to my own chart as this is the base from which a beginner branches...

Pluto conjunct Uranus.

Top of Chart.

Regardless of orb technicalities, there is a warm feeling I get from the fact that your expressions may well be misunderstood by the lot, yet, more than understood by folks such as myself... tooting my own horn. toot. toot. As I feel a personal affinity towards this chart... then again, I may be breaking a major astrological rule in comparing your chart to mine... just trying to be honest here.

Saturn/Moon and Sun are involved with that Pluto/Uranus conjunction... And then, Neptune conjunct Asc... this makes you happy... because it explains to you a very important part of your personal being that others can’t quite explain, nor understand about you... and, you probably take pride in this very potent, yet very misunderstood, part of yourself... as well you should.

This part of yourself is well expressed in your site. No doubt, I like the sight.

You tell me, what does that Neptune conjunct Asc, Sun in Pisces with that Moon in Cap and Saturn in Aquarius looking up to Pluto/Uranus mean to you? You know better than I. I am, indeed curious as to your interpretation. And, a beginner’s question, where does your affinity towards the artistic expressed in your chart?



6 pm

Atl, Ga

Sun 00* Libra 7th House, ruled by Virgo (argh)

Sun conjunct Pluto and Uranus

Aquarius Rising

Moon 05* Pisces

Moon conjunct Asc

Neptune top of chart... more than anyone wanted to know, tee hee.



May 08, 2003

Hi Psymon! You are definitely very interested in these things, mystic things, like tarot or astrology... As someone mentioned down here, extremely intuitive. Scorpio rising, NE0ASC, very intuitive person and a good psychic I would say. Venus trine Neptune is great for art too, issues arise from Mercury square Neptune (lies and things that are not very clear to you); You have to be into movies or photography as well, aren’t you? Wait for 2005 to feel that major success and prosperity that’s coming up! Mirjana.

Home Page:
November 24, 2003

I too have Neptune in Scorpio, rising. I was wondering if you saw the world through a dream-like filter, as I tend to do. I would guess that you also have a very active imagination and the ability to see artistically, since Neptune is also the ruler of Pisces not only do you have a good bit of Pisces going on, but your Sun itself is Pisces and is trining your ascendant and Neptune. I see that you have good solid Taurus to sink your feet into. I see erratic communications possibly with siblings or neighbors, and Saturn rooted firmly in Aquarius has me thinking growth through change. I notice that your Moon is in Capricorn, and I think that, along with the Taurus influences, is a good stabalizer for all of the floaty things going on in your chart. I haven’t learned alot about the specifics of the major asteroids yet.

North Bend, OR
December 15, 2003

You have a need for everyone to “see” what you see. You loved your mother and it is she who opened you up to the beautiful mystery of life. You have a deep and far reaching dream life (and wow, you put it to good use ... Pluto/Capricorn/10th house). First house is your Self ... Scorpio = deep, strong emotions ... Neptune = spiritual vision.

The Fool
Earth - temperate zone
August 29, 2004

I think that you could be a very misunderstood person, which could result in a long life of feeling alone — even if you are in a long term relationship. You view everything around you differently, which could cause many misinterpreted mishaps. You have a truckload of ideas that should be explored and exploited, that could benefit you, and your personal investor. AWESOME site!

Home Page: Starcana Tarot
January 1, 2007

My impressionistic scribbles — you come off as a little fey, a little gay (hey, in a good way!) and very intense. Dreamy, emotional, and maybe people don’t immediately trust you or believe in your mad skillz. This impression, tho', is belied by a flinty, sturdy Cap moon that makes you a rock solid ally to those who rely on you and a pretty crafty behind-the-scenes choreographer. With a 10th house cusp in Leo, well, of course you’re hanging out your chart for all to see and saying, “Hey, notice me! Analyze me!” and yes, you are rather rewarding to know, on a chart-analyzing basis, so people end up feeling grateful for the opportunity. And so the 10th house Leo feeds itself. You’d make a great playwright, novelist, actor, impressario, medium — you know what people like and what makes them tick, and you want to be rewarded for it! But you’re a little bit shy and a little bit sneaky, and so you don’t communicate that drive in the most straightforward fashion or use the obvious outlets. You prefer a less confrontational arena than the plain old real world. If I was into flinging labels around, I’d suggest you were a gamer d00d.

Maria (e-mail: [withheld])
February 18, 2007

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