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Walden and Beyond: An Anthology


Below is the complete table of contents for Walden and Beyond: An Anthology, published by Psymon and available for free download on this site. As one can see even just by quickly scrolling through, this volume includes not only Walden, complete, but the best-of-the-best of his other writings, including excerpts from his three other book-length works, complete versions of other smaller works, numerous essays on a variety of subjects, poetry, along with biographies, analysis and criticism, and a wonderful overview of all the other major American Transcendentalist writers (Emerson, Fuller, Channing, Alcott, and others).

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Walden and Beyond:
An Anthology

Version 1.12

Table of Contents


— by Ann M. Woodlief, PhD

Publisher’s Preface & Acknowledgements

— by Ron Koster


Introductory Note to the 1906 Edition

The Structure, Language & Rhetoric of Walden

— by Ann M. Woodlief, PhD

[Title Page & Epigraph]


Where I Lived, and What I Lived For





The Bean Field

The Village

The Ponds

Baker Farm

Higher Laws

Brute Neighbors

Former Inhabitants and Winter Visitors

Winter Animals

The Pond in Winter





A Walk to Wachusett

Night & Moonlight

A Winter Walk


“Ktaadn” (from The Maine Woods)

“The Wellfleet Oysterman” (from Cape Cod)

A Yankee in Canada

  • Concord to Montreal
  • Quebec and Montmorenci
  • St. Anne
  • The Walls of Quebec
  • The Scenery of Quebec; and the River St. Lawrence


Wild Apples

Autumnal Tints

The Succession of Forest Trees

Natural History of Massachusetts

Anti-Slavery & Reform

Resistance to Civil Government [“Civil Disobedience”]

Slavery in Massachusetts

A Plea for Captain John Brown

Life, Love & Human Relations

Life Without Principle

“Friendship” (excerpt from A Week on the Concord & Merrimack Rivers)


Chastity & Sensuality

The Landlord


The Aurora of Guido



The Departure

Ding Dong

Epitaph On The World

The Fall Of The Leaf

The Funeral Bell


I Knew A Man By Sight



The Inward Morning


The Moon

My Life Has Been The Poem



On Fields O’er Which The Reaper’s Hand Has Passed



Pray to What Earth


Rumors From An Æolian Harp

The Summer Rain

The Thaw

They Who Prepare My Evening Meal Below

To A Stray Fowl

To My Brother

A Winter Scene

About Henry

The Wellfleet Penman: Thoreau in Colour

— by Ron Koster

Thoreau: A Biography for Children

— by Mary Stoyell Stimpson

Thoreau: A Little Journey Home

— by Elbert Hubbard

Memories of Thoreau

— as related by Franklin B. Sanborn

The Forester

— by Amos Bronson Alcott

Thoreau’s Last Letter

— as related by Franklin B. Sanborn


— by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Henry Thoreau as Remembered by a Young Friend

— by Edward Emerson

Analysis & Criticism

How to Live: Mr. Thoreau’s Example


The Vagabond in Literature: Henry D. Thoreau

— by Arthur Rickett

Henry David Thoreau: His Character and Opinions

— by Robert Louis Stevenson

Henry David Thoreau: A Critical Study

— by Mark Van Doren

Beyond Thoreau

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Biographical Sketch

— by Ann M. Woodlief

Divinity School Address


Transcendental Bible

— by Lidian Emerson

Margaret Fuller

Biographical Sketch

— by Ann M. Woodlief

The Great Lawsuit. Man versus Men. Woman versus Women.

A Short Essay on Critics

Rev. William Ellery Channing

Biographical Sketch

— by Ann M. Woodlief

Likeness to God

Theodore Parker

Biographical Sketch

— by Ann M. Woodlief

The Transient and Permanent in Christianity


Amos Bronson Alcott

Biographical Sketch

— by Amy Belding Brown

Maxims on Education

Jones Very

Biographical Sketch

— by Bryan Hileman

Selected Poetry

[William] Ellery Channing

Biographical Sketch

— by Ann M. Woodlief

Selected Poetry

Christopher Pearse Cranch

Biographical Sketch

— by Ann M. Woodlief

Selected Poetry

Gallery of Paintings

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman and Transcendentalism

— by Ann M. Woodlief

Selected Poetry


Sing Along with Henry!

— by Ron Koster

  • Sheet Music for Tom Bowling
  • Lyrics for Tom Bowling

Cataloguing & Copyright

List of Illustrations

Frontispiece/Opening Illustration

Digital artwork by Psymon, adapted from the illustration used on the title page for the first edition of Walden.

Title page for Walden

Title page for the first edition of Walden, as published by Ticknor & Fields in 1854.

Map of Walden Pond & Surrounding Area

Digital artwork by Psymon, created from a topographic map of the area (circa 1943-1948), including Walden Pond, Flint’s (Sandy) Pond, and the town of Concord.

Walden Pond A Reduced Plan

Thoreau’s 1846 map/survey of the pond, as reproduced in the first edition of Walden.

Scarlet Oak Leaf

The engraving which Thoreau included with the first publication of Autumnal Tints.

Oil Portrait of Capt John Brown (1859)

“Treason!” Broadside from 1859

Thoreau in 1856

Daguerreotype by Benjamin D. Maxham.

Thoreau in 1854

Crayon drawing by Samuel Worcester Rowse.

Thoreau in 1861

Ambrotype by E.S. Dunshee.

Beach Bluffs at Cape Cod

Photo by Herbert W. Gleason.

The Wellfleet Penman

Digital artwork by Psymon of Thoreau in colour.

Portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Portrait of Margaret Fuller

Portrait of Rev. William Ellery Channing

Portrait of Theodore Parker

Portrait of Amos Bronson Alcott

Portrait of Jones Very

Portrait of Ellery Channing

Portrait of Christopher Pearse Cranch

“Transparent Eyeball” caricature by Christopher Pearse Cranch

Gallery of Paintings by Christopher Pearse Cranch

  • The U.S. Capitol (1840)
  • Man with Two Cows (1844)
  • Autumn Landscape with Boy Fishing (1845)
  • Tivoli, East of Rome (1849)
  • Landscape with Fishermen and Artist Sketching (1850)
  • View on the Hudson (circa 1851)
  • Niagara American Falls (1853)
  • View on the Hudson (1856)
  • Venice (1860)
  • Landscape with Couple Boating (1861)
  • The Burning of Barnum’s Museum (1865)
  • The Washington Oak, Denning’s Point (1867)
  • Landscape by the Sea (1879)
  • McIntyre Mountain (1885)

Portrait of Walt Whitman

Portrait of John Thoreau

Music for Tom Bowling

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