Design for Þe Age of Discovery, Renaissance & Rebirth

A Compendium of Curioſities Divined from Magickal Grimoires, Myſtickal Tomes, Pſychedelickal Phantaſies, & Other Weird & Spectacular Things.

Greetings, My Dear Readers, from þe Abyss into which All Souls must invariably descend shouldst they desire or feel such compulsion to break through t’Other Side, and from þe Astral Plane to which All Spirits and Sentient Beings doth inevitably, eternally, infinitely transcend.

Herein, within these pages, shall Ye discover those fruits of mine own life’s meandering journies through þe Labyrinth and Haze, learn of lost treasures unearthed on this Solemn, Sacred Quest to Discover þe Light, which at this longest last can I now finally proffer forthwith for thine own reverie and revelation.

Turn not away!

Be not afear’d,
for here shall Ye discover myriad entities & verities lost for centuries, hiddē away from þe eyes and ears of mortal souls, ne’er seen nor spoken of afore save only in hushed, cloister’d whispers, silent prayers & murmured curses!

Lo & Behold!
Learn þe Accurate & True

History & Mystery of Þe Legend of Koster

and of his preeminent discovery of moveable type long ere that of þe horrible Liar & Thief of Mainz!

Read þe long lost words of timeless wizards and learned sages in

Þe Old eBindery & eBook Shop

Discover þe glyphs found hidden in archaic texts, presented to this world for þe very first time at

Psymon Font Foundry

and now sanctioned for þe casting of thine own secret charms and spells!

Marvel with yr own eyes at þe multitudinous conjurations of

Þe Magical Arts of Psymon

Beseech þe spirits and ascertain

Your Fortune

as divined by þe Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot!


Þe Secrets of Love

not only such passions and desires imaginary and fleeting, but those enchantments forsooth esteemedly sanctified and incarnate!

Peruse alchemical tinctures and mystical tomes, wherein may be discovered þe correct method of antiquarian transmogrification, in þe

Codex Studiorum Psychedelicorum

&c. &c. &c.


Ottava sum fusa in urbe pagina aranei mundialis

Printed & bound by Psymon,
in þe loftie Shop neare St Matthew’s Church
in Þe Glebe.

Anno Domini MMXXI.

Et Cetera


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