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Below are just a few of the other sites designed by Psymon for your perusal and web-surfing pleasure...

The Garden of Lucie / Le Jardin de Lucie

The art of Lucie LeBel — a website created in memory of a dear, beloved friend (in both English et en français). :`)

A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

A "sister" site to Psymon, if only in design, this site was, in fact, the first "book"-style site that I ever created, in this case with a Victorian flavour (apropos for the content). Yes, it's a love story, and one not for the faint-of-heart, nor for those who are simply not so inclined in their tastes, and though dreamily fictional in its presentation, it is still, indeed, a small bit of genuine autobiography.

Note: This site can be viewed at either of two mirror sites, namely, at or at!

Leni's Rising Star

Leni's Rising Star

A celebration in words, images, video and sound of the cinematic spirit of dancer, actress, director, photographer and all-'round adventurer Leni Riefenstahl.

Leni's Rising Star

American Transcendentalism Web

Designed and scripted by Psymon, this monumental effort of Prof. Ann Woodlief of Virginia Commonwealth University is maintained and updated by herself and her students — a very ambitious, highly educational endeavour indeed!



A simple one-page site design for Roy Preston's award-winning text font.


Walden List Members

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Title, background and other graphics designed for The Walden List Members.



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Title and background graphics designed for the Sangha List Members.

Psymon's Theatre & Music Hall

Jimi Hendrix never made it to play at our humble arena, but if you want to hear me play guitar (in both RealAudio and MP3 formats) and keyboard (in RealAudio only), this is the place to be!

Bibliographia Studiorum Psychedelicorum

Explorations in the Psychedelic Experience

I spent eight years, from 1985-1993, reviewing the literature on the effects of psychedelic drugs on the human mind, individuals, and societies and cultures as a whole. This site arose initially from the bibliography of readings that I'd kept as a personal reference during that time, and now includes several articles of historical note, as well as a large section of images all related to the psychedelic experience.

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