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A group of mail artists, joined in the common ground of making art and sharing it through the Capolan Art Swap created an internet group as well. Through chatting and sharing of various interests friendships were made and several deck projects evolved from this group. First was the Playing Card Deck, where each participant was assigned two cards to illustrate. Then came the Fortune Telling Deck, where each participant created two fortunes and illustrated them. The third deck was a Tarot Deck. At this time there was some small talk about turning the deck into a commercial deck and publishing it, however, the idea was discarded by the group at that time.

Throughout these deck projects I'd seen the most beautiful inspiring art I'd ever seen. It seemed like a real possibility to go forward with a commercial tarot deck that everyone, not just the lucky few participants and their friends could share. Along with information and encouragement from Arnell Ando, who has her own commercial tarot deck I began to approach the idea with a plan. I contacted many of the people I'd met through the Capolan swap and asked them if they were interested. With each affirmative the idea began to carry steam and become more and more real.

Some of the people in this group are not from the Capolan mail art swap. They are people whose art I've received through other swaps, seen published or been recommended by other artists. I've tried to maintain a high level of artistic integrity in the participation roster, searching out artists that were willing to create copyright free works of art and were able to connect with the Tarot and relate to it as an expression of art as well as meaning.

This group of artists are terrific, talented and generous people that I'm proud to share this deck with. I'm honored to be entrusted with their artwork as well as their hopes and dreams for this deck. I have been doing the best job I can to make this deck a high quality collection of artwork and to create a book of meanings that is easy to read, enjoy and remember.

Ten percent of the profits of this deck go to Muttmatchers, a nonprofit agency that places unwanted pets. Three of my four dogs have been adopted as adults and it's the only way I'll get another dog. There is so much waste and misery at the pounds. A crime against humanity. Please spay and neuter your pets to prevent unwanted deaths. Please don't breed to make a little extra money, you are making money off the misery of the poor rejected animals who end up in the pound from the overpopulation you are contributing to. Don't think just because you are breeding a purebred it won't end up in the pound. From my last visit there, probably 30% of the unwanted animals (or more) looked to be purebred.

Steph King
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