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The mad scientist at work in his laboratory

The Big Lie


I confess.

There is no "Psymon" — at least, not in the sense that you might think. All over this site one can find references to "we here at Psymon" and "our web site" or "our services", etc... but there is no "we", and this site isn't "ours". It's just little ol' me, and what you see everywhere is all just the humble creation of one person — me. :)

Now that I've spilled the beans, though, I suppose you're probably wondering about me, Ron Koster, sole owner and designer of Psymon. Well, that's what this page is all about. There's not much here just yet — although I must say, those astrological analyses of me (done by total strangers) are actually pretty good! — but this is where you'll find personal info about me, which I'll update and add to from time to time (when I have the time!).

So there you go — and here you go!

My Astrology Chart

If you're into astrology, you'll enjoy this page, and if you like to analyze charts, well, even better! Here you'll find my own astrology chart, which you can analyze to your heart's content using the handy form included on the page, or just read what others have written about me, who I am, and what I'm all about.

A Few Ditties

Are you a musician, or just a lover of music? Do you enjoy finger-picking style guitar, or the keyboard music of Johann Sebastian Bach? Wanna here hear me screw up as I get my fingers caught between the strings? ;)   Hee hee... well, I guess I'm not that bad, but if music's your bag, then come on down and hear me play at Psymon's Theatre & Music Hall (in both RealAudio and MP3 formats)!

So Who Really is Psymon???

For the terminally curious, finally an answer to this age-old question. ;)

More to come!

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